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summer is almost over

And of course it wouldnt be a tight summer without it raining ALL DAY EVERYDAY for the last week of it, fuck florida/storms. Ive been getting more and more pissed at this town, I'm tired of all the let downs/drama why the fuck can't people just grow the fuck up. I can't believe school starts this monday, crazy, oh well. I really wanna finish out this semester with straight A's again, it would deff raise my GPA over the 3.75 it already is. Tiiiight work. I'm crazy about this girl I've been hanging out with, who knows how she feels, she'll say one thing then her actions will speak differently; but who's actions usually speak the same, exactly. Oh well, either way im trying to bounce if shit around this town doesn't change soon. In other news, the squashing of beef has really commenced, I've ran into plenty of people that theres been beef with that have FINALLY grown up, good thing because I didn't wanna have to plug anyone with lead. I think I'm slowly starting to accept the fact that I'm getting older and can't change anything about it, as long as I keep my eyes set on my goal I'm positive I will succeed in everything I want/try. Until next time, stay up, stay high, stay fly, and last of all stay yourself.

Love Louie <3
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awww Love louie