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crazy days

So i havent typed in this thing forever... I find myself typing that ever time I come back to this beast. Today is Bonnie's birthday, Happy Birthday Bonnie! It sucks she moved back to california, it was so sudden and still wiggs me out. I love how we didnt tell all these people that have asked me about it already! Gotta love my tight "friends", haha I say friends in quotes because you mother fuckers can never call me. You real niggers know who you are.

School is coming along pretty tight, even though it's kicking my ass, the end is nearing and i'll be up out of this bitch sooner than expected. Now thats the dope note. Other dope notes include my ribs that I finally got finished

Everyone knows pictures can not show how tight tattoos look but you get the idea. Other dope news is that I have a chance to go backpacking in Europe for 2 months... I would be leaving May 11th if I choose to follow through with it, which I more than likely will. I really dont have anything else to say. Word.

If you assholes wanna chill, hit me up. You know the number and AIM so it shouldn't be hard assfuckers.
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